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Your Guide to the Best Craft Beer Spots in Long Beach

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Your Guide to the Best Craft Beer Spots in Long Beach

The southern, coastal tip of LA County houses some of the best craft beer destinations out there with all the action happening in the South Bay and, the highlight of this guide, Long Beach. Here’s where you can sit back back with your suds in the LBC.

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Beachwood BBQ and Brewing 

210 E 3rd St, Long Beach, CA 90802

Here’s an obvious choice, and for good reason. If you didn’t know already, Beachwood brews awarding winning beers every year and they don’t seem to slow down. Couple that with their fantastic BBQ, and you’ve got yourself what some would call food+beer Heaven. Beachwood pumps out a number of different IPAs such as Melrose, Hop Ninja, Amalgamator, and Greenshift, but they also brew a variety of styles impeccably such as Mocha Machine Imperial Chocolate Coffee Porter and Tovarish Russian Imperial Stout.

Beer Bars/Tasting Rooms

craft-beer-long-beach1Stateside Crafts

4242 Atlantic Ave, Long Beach, CA 90807

If you’ve read our neighborhood guides in the past, then you know that we will include retail locations that have a tasting room component. Stateside Crafts is one of them and does a nice job at curating an eye-catching tap list with plenty of beers to take home. The latest Untappd check-ins include El Segundo’s Hop Tanker, Knee Deep’s Breaking Bud, and Smog City’s Kumquat Saison.

craft-beer-long-beachPublic Beer Wine Shop

121 W 4th St, Long Beach, CA 90802

We’re going back-to-back with another bottle shop/tasting room, and Public Beer Wine Shop is no stranger to the LBC crowd. Their helpful staff with help you find the beer you’re looking for, and their taps will fill your glasses with the likes of Noble’s Naughty Sauce, El Segundo’s Mayberry IPA, and Almanac’s Dogpatch Sour.

craft-beer-long-beachCongregation Ale House

201 E Broadway, Long Beach, CA 90802

Congregation’s proximity to Beachwood makes it somewhat of a destination spot, and they do a good job at satisfying your palate with good food and brews. The Long Beach chapter is currently pulling in some solid beers from The Bruery, Russian River, and Stone, including their new Sorry Not Sorry Imperial IPA. Additionally, it’s that time of year that Goose Island’s Bourbon County Brand Stout hits the market and you’ll be happy to know that Congregation pours some variations of that as well.

craft-beer-long-beachBO-beau kitchen + roof tap

144 Pine Ave, Long Beach, CA 90802

Bo-beau is a cool French spot that is a pretty ideal for a date and satisfies your food, spirit, and beer appetite very well. They even have an impressive rooftop lounge for good measure. But, hey, you want to know about the beers on tap, so let’s talk about that. They aren’t bringing in anything to write home about, but we figure the hop heads will be fine with pounding down a few Kook DIPA’s from Pizza Port or Saint Archer’s Hop Hash (which I dig).

craft-beer-long-beachSimmzy’s Pub

5271 E 2nd St, Long Beach, CA 90803

Simmzy’s is another one that seems obvious, especially since their Burbank location showed up on our SFV East guide. Simmzy’s has a great spot in the Belmont Shores area of Long Beach, and incorporates a friendly vibe with its open layout and communal table set up. So, grab a chair and order beers such as Surf Brewery’s South Swell DIPA, Bootlegger’s Far Out IPA, and Tape Deck from Monkish.

craft-beer-long-beachThe Blind Donkey

149 Linden Ave, Long Beach, CA 90802

The Blind Donkey’s Long Beach location deserves some love as well, and not only because the Pasadena location landed on another guide of ours. Good ol’ Ryan Sweeney is still pulling in some amazing beers into the Goat Group spots, and while The Blind Donkey doesn’t deem itself a “craft beer bar”, the taps of Alpine’s Pure Hoppiness, Beachwood’s Brews Dickinson, and Firestone Walker’s Agrestic tell you differently.

craft-beer-long-beachQuinn’s Pub & Grill

200 Nieto Ave, Long Beach, CA 90803

I have to admit that I almost overlooked Quinn’s due to their Irish pub label, but I would’ve been sorely mistaken. Grab a seat at the bar and get a pour of great beers from Stone’s Enjoy By series and Bear Republic’s Hop Shovel to SanTan’s Mr. Pineapple and Victory’s Hop Ticket Black IPA.


Brix at the Shore

5372 E 2nd St, Long Beach, CA 90803

Brix at the Shore is our final spot on the list and claims to deliver a “New York Experience” presumably because of the deli sandwiches. But there is nothing New York about the beer with some tasty options from your favorite west coast breweries. So, savor a thick pastrami sandwich and wash it down with beers from Smog City, Barley Forge, and Acoustic Ales.

With a number of new places opening up all over Los Angeles, there’s a good chance that I missed one that belongs on this list. If so, let me know in the comments below. Additionally, if you want to chat about the Long Beach craft beer scene,  also drop us a line below or hit us up on Twitter at @HoppedLA. Cheers!


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