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A Visit to Three Weavers Brewing Company in Inglewood, CA

A Visit to Three Weavers Brewing Company in Inglewood, CA

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three-weavers-brewing-company1Not long ago, Three Weavers Brewing Company opened up their Inglewood, Ca doors to much anticipation and for very good reason. Their original collaboration in early 2014 with Noble Ale Works produced a ridiculously good IPA called “The Messenger”, and ever since then we’ve been chomping at the bit. Luckily for us and all other LA craft beer lovers out there, Three Weavers Brewing Company is finally delivering the goods, and believe me…they’re good. 

The Three Weavers Lineup

three-weavers-brewing-company3Three Weavers is brewing a variety of styles and, so far, there isn’t one that misses the mark. Of course, our hoppy palates pulled us towards the IPAs and that’s what we’ll be touching on today.

First up, their Knotty DIPA. This one stands out to me because it’s a clean drink from start to finish despite the 8.5% ABV. That’s what we like to call dangerously drinkable. The light body fades to a rich hop that sits on the tongue for the perfect amount of time. In the end, it’s more of a single IPA. Like I said: dangerously drinkable.

Next up is their most popular core brew, the Expatriate IPA. If you’ve been out to different craft beer bars and festivals, this is the one you’re likely to see. This 6.9%ABV IPA has a medium to a slightly bigger body, but the aroma and taste of fresh citrus and pine shine through. Overall, a really great hop to this one and it’s a reason why it’s the flagship.

Last but certainly not least, we tasted the Stateside Session IPA. This one was by far our favorite notably due to the strong citrus and tropical aroma and flavors that rise to the top. We could honestly drink this session all. day. long.

The Tasting Room

three-weavers-brewing-company4The brewery and tasting room are located off a side street in Inglewood, Ca, and like most breweries, in an industrial business park. Three Weavers occupies the corner spot with a very inviting tasting room that contains long communal wood tables repurposed from the lanes of an old bowling alley. The exposed rafters give the place a rustic feel and complements the quality of the product that comes out of the taps. Additionally, you can grab a spot on their outside patio area and gaze at the planes landing at nearby Los Angeles International Airport.

We heard that they have leased the building right next door, which means we’re expecting Three Weavers to increase their supply and bring more of their great beer to the people that love it.

A Special Shout Out

three-weavers-brewing-company5Of course, our first experience wouldn’t have been as complete as it was without the friendly service from our friend, Andy, from FerretTheBeer. Not only did he provide us insight and knowledge about these great beers, but we were able to walk around the facility and get a good look at what their plans may be. They’ve already started bottling and we definitely expect great things to come.

Have you visited Three Weavers Brewing Company and/or have had any of their beers? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or hit us up on twitter at @HoppedLA. Thanks for reading!

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