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This Week in LA Beer: Support Your Local Brewery (March 16th – March 22nd)

This Week in LA Beer: Support Your Local Brewery (March 16th – March 22nd)

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Welcome to a special edition of This Week in LA Beer, where we take a break from our normally scheduled events and look at how we can support our local craft beer community in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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❤️🍻: Join us in Supporting Your Local Brewery.

What the world is going through right now with the COVID-19 pandemic is devastating. People are getting sick, dying, losing jobs, living in a state of extreme stress, and more.

We’re feeling this here at home with the recent closure mandate for breweries, bars, and restaurants, where so many of our favorite local businesses and their employees (our friends!) are taking massive financial hits that will be incredibly challenging to come back from.

Many of these businesses are scrambling to find a way to provide pickup and delivery services to keep their teams employed and ensure that we all have the option of enjoying fresh, locally produced beer and food during this stressful and uncertain time.

As Los Angeles craft beer drinkers, supporters, and enthusiasts, we should do whatever we can to keep investing our dollars, our voices, and our love back into our community. If you’re financially able to, we urge you to please check out the Instagram pages of your local breweries, beer bars, restaurants, and bottle shops to take advantage of any safe delivery and pickup options that they’re currently offering.

To help fuel this response, we’ll be giving away $50 brewery gift cards all throughout the week on Instagram to help encourage you all to purchase fresh beer cans, crowlers, and other safe takeout products from local breweries around LA.

Our breweries need us now more than ever before. Drink indie. Drink local. And support your local brewery, beer bar, and bottle shop. We’re all in this together.🍻

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Our release of the week.

Even though we can’t celebrate Highland Park’s anniversary in person, we can still pick up cans of this special 6th anniversary double release. One is a 7.2% West Coast IPA with Mosaic and Idaho 7. The other is a 10% Triple IPA with Nelson and Strata.

Cans dropped today, Tuesday 3/17 at noon. Order online, call ahead (213-878-9017), or visit their Chinatown taproom to place your pickup order.



2019 Merch Closeout!

While we encourage you to spend any extra disposable income with your local breweries, beer bars, restaurants, and bottle shops, we are running a closeout sale on all our merch right now. This will help us make room for the new merch designs we’re currently working on (dropping next month) and provides us with resources that we use to support the local beer community and put out awesome content for you guys. Support us, support your local breweries, and get 2 shirts for $20 now!

Start shopping.



Tell the story behind your beer.

We partner with breweries to produce videos that help tell the story behind your beer, your team, your brewing philosophy, and what makes you stand out among the crowded shelves and draft towers.

We then feature any content we create for you in a native promo campaign to our audience of craft beer enthusiasts in LA (50k/month).

If you’re interested in getting the word out about what makes your brewery unique, let’s chat. Email hello@hoppedla.com to get in touch.

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