Craft Beer Events in Los Angeles

420 ALL DAY at BrewCo

Join us on Friday 4.20 for the marriage of hops, hemp and the art of craft beer. With the rapid decategorization of marijuana, it’s no wonder that experimental brewers are working the groovy plant into their brew kettles more and more…..
We have been lucky enough to get our hands on five of them for the festivities from a few of our favorite Breweries

We will be featuring….
-New Belgium The Hemperor HPA (7%) Fort Collins, CO
Brewed with hemp hearts, this skunk smelling beer has no THC or CBD, however the aroma would cause even Cheech and Chong to make double take. Light hops, chewy finish.

-Lagunitas Waldos Special Ale TIPA (11.2%) Petaluma, CA
This beer commemorates the journey of high school students that started daily at 4:20 in the afternoon in search for a “secret garden” in Point Reyes California.

-Transplants Brewing CatBirD CBD IPA (7.2%) Lancaster, CA
This beer is brewed with Hop Hash and Hemp CBD. Colombus, Summit and Idaho 7 hops dominate this resinous dank skunk-like effervescent IPA. (8oz has 5mg CBD) – Dr Brewco.

-Knee Deep No Stems No Seeds TIPA (10%) Auburn, CA
This sensimilla dry hopped TIPA, was only used stem less and seedless hops. Galaxy, Loral and Citra hops shine in this offering from Knee Deep.
*Free Glassware for this one!

-Concrete Jungle Hashtag 710 CBD IPA (7%) Ventura, CA
Top Secret recipe….IPA meets CBD.

and of course we had to include….
-Stone Enjoy by 4.20 Dipa (9.4%) Escondido, CA
Freshness is the key component in this offering from stone.
Big citrus and floral flavors blossom in this double IPA.

Flights available to try them all!!!
Flight $16 HPA/Enjoy By/Waldos/Transplants CBD

*Will it get me high? Unlike THC, CBD is completely nonpsychoactive. Don’t expect it to get you stoned;
CBD is all about relaxation without intoxication and can
actually counteract the psychoactivity of THC.

It wouldn’t be a 420 celebration without a little munchie menu, so we will be featuring a special food menu just for the week.
-Loaded Steak Fries
-Pizza Pretzel
-PB & J Burger
-The Salad Bowl
-Brown Sugar Glazed Salmon
and Deep Fried Oreos!!!

This is going to be a fun one, Don’t miss it!!