Craft Beer Events in Los Angeles

Beachwood Brewing Tap Takeover at House of Billiards

The House of Billiards presents Beachwood Brewing and Blendery October 12th at 7:30pm!! We are putting together a killer tap list to show how awesome Beachwood beers are! Aiming for around 16-18 beers on draft.

Tshirt and Glassware giveaways!

Tap List:
– Foam Top
– Hayabusa Japanese Lager
– Alpha Galactic
– Citraholic IPA
– Amalgamator IPA
– Blendery Earthbound Misfit
– Blendery Into the Great Unknown
– Blendery Strawberry Provence
– 2016 Tovarish Russian Coffee Imperial Stout
– 2017 System of a Stout Amerian Coffee Imperial Stout
– 28 Haze Later Hazy IPA
– James Brown Ale
– Melrose IPA
– Rubia Belgian Pale Ale
– Escobeer Colombian Coffee Porter Nitro
– Parts and Parcels Barrel-Aged Cuvee
– Cherryots of Fire
– Blendery Dia de Los Mangos