Craft Beer Events in Los Angeles

Brewing at Brewyard for LABW

Thinking about starting a brewery or just wondering what brewing is like using a 15BBL Premier Stainless Stacked Combi Brewing system? Ever wonder how non-professional homebrewers diving into a large commercial system adjust after 18 months of on-the-job training?

For LA Beer Week we will give you a candid and rare opportunity to experience a full, complete, no bullshit brewing day with us from the balancing of the water, milling of the grains, mashing, sparging, boiling, hopping, whirlpooling, knocking out, yeast pitching and cleaning! We will guide you through every step with long winded speeches/rants, samples and lots of pointing at stuff.

You may also be lucky enough to experience the more personal innerworkings of a brew day that you probably will never hear about like:

-Potential cursing in several languages when you overshoot your mash pH levels or have a stuck mash.

-How to fish out a thermometer you accidentally dropped in the boiling kettle

-Opening the wrong valve and pretending you meant to do that

-Forgetting things

-Fist fights after not hitting the intended specific gravitity after boil

There will also be plenty of time and opportunities to ask questions about anything, shoot the shi… and just enjoy a nice day of brewing with us.

Space is limited to 20 people. Lunch and a free pint of beer will be provided. +21 and over.