Craft Beer Events in Los Angeles

Can Release: Red Beard + Frankly, Lisa at Los Angeles Ale Works

Fan favorite Red Beard (IPA, 7.5%) makes its return from the off-season. Double dry-hopped with Barbe Rouge hops, (French for Red Beard), this rare Alsatian hop has complex floral and red berry notes that lead to a clean, dry finish.

Joining Red Beard is Frankly, Lisa (Milkshake IPA w/ Kumquats, 8.5%). Inspired by our greatest years of sticker sheets and Trapper Keepers, this sensational fruit bomb has just enough leopard print to keep you cLAAWin’ for more.

Special thanks to @menudo_mami
for her limitless artistic talent, and @girlswholikebeer for her nostalgia for rainbows and sparkle ponies.

Food by The Tropic Truck from 2-9

+ more fun TBA