Craft Beer Events in Los Angeles

Cascade Brewing Showcase at The 4th Horseman

Join us Friday, October 25th from 6pm til midnight for a special evening featuring our longtime friends from the Emerald City… Cascade Brewing.

Tap List is as follows:

1) Vlad the Imp Aler (2017; Bourbon-barrel aged Quad & Blonde blend w/ Orange Peel & Coriander)

2) Sang du Chene “Blood of the Oak” (oak cask-aged Imperial Sour Blond & Triple Blend)

3) Harvest Graff (Bourbon & Wine Barrel-Aged Sour Imperial Red & Blond Blend w/ Apple Juice & Cinnamon)

4) Apricot (2018; Blond sour w/ apricots)

The following bottles will be available for on & off-site enjoyment:

1) Pistol Whipped (wine barrel-aged Sour Blond w/ Saffron & Chamomile Tea)

2) Cuvee du Jongleur (2017; Imperial Red, Triple & Quad Sour Ale Aged in Oak Casks)