Craft Beer Events in Los Angeles

Castle Dangerous Bottle Release Party at Yorkshire Square


The party doesn’t stop after N’owt but Stout Festival! on Saturday…it gets even better. And it only makes sense that we go BIG for one of our biggest beer releases of the year! So we’re rolling in food trucks, live music, Irish dancers and much debauchery all night long!

About Castle Dangerous 2019: Malt is here to do the talking. No adjuncts, barrels, cheeky use of doughnuts in the mash, nor grotesquely high ABV are needed for this stout, just a humble double-mash process, a long day, and a mountain of lovely British barely and oats. Massively rich and full-textured with long notes of dark chocolate and drip coffee. 10% ABV. Limit 4 per person.

Food Truck: Slater’s 50/50 Food Truck 6pm-late
Music: Green Ashes 7:00pm-late
Irish Dancers: 7:30pm-late