Craft Beer Events in Los Angeles

Done Deal IPA Can Release at Mumford Brewing

Collaboration with Interboro NYC
Brewed with Denali, Ekuanot, Falconer’s Flight
6.9% ABV

Allocation: (4) 4-Packs per customer (will be adjusted according to demand)
$18/4 pack
Approx. 115 cases available

General Info:
– Tap room & can sales open at 11AM
– Cans are for offsite consumption only.
– No outside alcohol allowed in the tap room.
– For all lining up early (we do not advise to line up before 8AM), please start line at the tap room door & head west towards parking lot & San Pedro St. (Do not line up towards Omar St.). – To help reduce line cutting and help us track demand and adjust allotments, we will be handing out wristbands on Saturday morning. Those showing up at the register without a wristband before all wristbands have been handed in will be asked to go to the end of the line, so please pay attention as wristbands are handed out (one wristband per person physically standing in line at the time they are handed out). Receiving a wristband does not guarantee cans, but allows us to track sales and adjust allotments as needed to increase the likelihood that everyone who lined up will receive cans.