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Fruited Farmhouse Flight at Southland Beer

With Labor Day come and gone there’s no getting around the fact that summer is coming to an end. With the frigid LA autumnal season fast approaching we had to sneak in one last summer-themed flight. And the talk around the Southland water cooler these days seems to be about all the awesome fruited saisons and farmhouse beer we’ve been drinking. So we bring you another Thursday night flight featuring the following fruited farmhouse beers:

Baird Saison Sayuri (Japan) – saison w/sour daidai juice
Cellador Apricot Atavism – wild ale with apricots
Commons Biere Royale – sour ale with black currants
The Good Beer Co Nectarine Smorgasbord – oak-aged blonde ale with nectarines
Upright Saison Vert – wheat saison with black limes