Craft Beer Events in Los Angeles

Homage Brewing 3 Year Anniversary

We’re turning 3 next week! Check out the flyer above with dates and bottle/can releases that have been in the works with some of our amazing friends/breweries. We also put together some awesome draft beers and merchandise. Expect detailed posts starting next week!!!
For now check out 🤤🤤🤤 the rare/vintage draft list that will be poured all week. We have 9 taps that will be rotating these rare vintage beers. *not all beers will be tapped at the same time.
-Wild Pink Robots – B.A. Strawberry
-One Evening – B.A. Guavas
-Fortitude – B.A. Raspberry + Blood Orange
-Kriek Homage – B.A. Cherries
-Speaking Gently – B.A. Blackberry
-Hop Solera / Batch B – B.A. Apricot
-Human Behavior – B.A. Malbec Must
-Cherry Blossom Girl – B.A. Cherry + Malbec Skins
-Chat Flou – B.A. Masumoto Peaches
-Peche Verbena – B.A. Masumoto Peaches + Lemon Verbena
-She Don’t Use Jelly – Gin B.A. Strawberry + Guava
-Blue Collar Love – B.A. Blueberries
-Channel Orange – B.A. Oranges
-Evil Robots Win! – B.A. Double Strawberries
-Futurism – B.A. Mangoes + Peaches
-Still Sound – Brett Pils
++++ more