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Iron Triangle’s Final Farewell

Iron Triangle’s Final Farewell, Sunday 6/30

It’s been a wild ride for Iron Triangle, to put it lightly! For three and a half years we’ve brewed our hardest and worked our asses off. The result was not only flavorful, quality driven craft beer, but much more importantly we made unforgettable friends and built a community that came together in our taproom for a multitude of events – from live wrestling to pet adoptions, concerts and weddings, LAFC supporter watch parties and plenty, plenty more.

An even larger shout out to our taproom regulars who we will sorely miss.

As we tip our hats and say goodbye to the LA community, we do so with a smile on our faces and fond memories – so why not make a few more before we go. Join us on Sunday, June 30th from 12-10pm as we raise a glass to our patrons, supporters, friends, and yes – even the internet trolls – for one last beer drinking bash. The brews are cheap ($5 a pour) and the merch is discounted, it’s no bottle share but we hope to talk about our farewell bash for years to come!

We’d love to see your memories shared as well. From now until June 30th tag your favorite Iron Triangle moments with #AdiosIronTriangle so we can have a look. Have fun with it – do your worst – we know you won’t disappoint.