Craft Beer Events in Los Angeles

It’s Not Brunch at ESBC Slice & Pint

It’s our anniversary, but why should we have all the fun? We’ll be hosting two beer pairing “brunches” at The Slice & Pint on May 18th and 19th, from 11-1. This one is for Saturday May 18th. Here’s a look at the menu, each item will be paired with an El Segundo Brewing Co beer-


-House made pork rillette w/ pickled veg on toast

-La Tur cheese, pomegranate seeds, agave, basil on toast

1st course

-Panzanella & burrata salad (farmer’s market heirlooms, tomato vinaigrette, house made bread, shallot, basil, olive oil)

-Prosciutto, melon and parmigiano reggiano (Seasonal melons sliced, shaved prosciutto, opal basil)

2nd course

-Pork Milanese with roasted spring vegetables and arugula pistou