Craft Beer Events in Los Angeles

Long Beach Brewery Bus Loop

We teamed up with our local brewery friends to host another Free Long Beach Brewery Trolley, this time dubbed the Santa Brewery Hop! We are encouraging you all to dress up as Santa’s and take over our taprooms! ⁣

Starting at 6pm and going till 10pm you will be able to hop on and off one of two busses that will be doing loops between @tenmilebrewing, @lbbeer, @liberationbrewing, @ambitiousales, @dutchsbrewhouse and @smogcitybeer_steelcraft every 20-35min. You can start at any brewery, just make sure to hop off @liberationbrewing to catch either the north loop or south loop listed in the graphic above! ⁣

See you all Saturday for the party! ⁣