Craft Beer Events in Los Angeles

Pliny the Younger Release 2017 at Blue Palms Brewhouse

It’s Pliny the Younger season again, folks! As in past years, we’ll have plenty of other tasty drafts available to round out your Saturday beer-sperience. Here’s your breakdown for how the morning will work:

-10oz pours for $15. No flights, no tastes, no halfsies.
-Doors will open at 11:30am. Yes, people do normally line-up early. You’re more than welcome to join them.
-Once inside, we will have 2 seperate lines- one for cash and one for credit. CASH IS ENCOURAGED. Please pay attention to posted signs. No pushing, everyone play nice with your fellow beer lovers.
-There will be a 1 beer per person limit until the entire line has been served. If everyone is able to buy a glass and no one else is waiting, we MAY allow seconds. This will be contingent on event turnout, and left up to the discretion of management.
-Once you have your beer, please feel free to have a seat at a table. If it’s particularly busy, sharing tables is encouraged because sharing is caring. Food will be available to order from the servers at tables, as well as any additional drink orders. No food orders will be taken at the bar while PTY is being served.