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Randall Night with Dogfish Head at Brewport Tap House

What’s a Randall, you might ask? A fine question. Simply put Randalls, created by Dogfish Head’s founder Sam Calagione, allow you to create your own uniquely-finished beer.

You fill it with fresh hops or other ingredients, then pass beer through it, where it is infused with the flavors you’ve selected.

Come see for yourself– we’ll have them on hand tonight (6-6), along with a great assortment of Dogfish Head beers.

(Those are ghost peppers in the picture , but we’ll also have fruit, cookies and herbs for you to experiment with).

Of course, we’ll also have quite an assortment of Dogfish Head beers on tap, including their SeaQuench Ale, Liquid Truth Serum IPA, Dragons and YumYums Pale Ale, Super EIGHT Gose, Perfect Disguise American Imperial IPA, as well as their 75 Minute and 120 Minute IPAs.

We’ll have ingredients out and the Dogfish Head taps up and running by 5pm.