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Smog City Anniversary Party

Join us for another epic anniversary party at Smog City Brewing, complete with VIP tickets, over 25 exceptional and limited beers on tap and VIP tours of the facility.

Smog City Brewing 2019 Anniversary VIP Session

With your VIP ticket, you’ll get early entrance to the brewery and early access to our extra limited beers and beer cocktails, beer garden, game play and some quality one on one time with the owners, Laurie and Porter. Add 5 tasters, 2 full pours and 1 bottle each of Saison Juice & 4.20 Juice Juice, the official Anniversary Beer(s) of 2019, and you’ve got one heck of a party!

This year we’re releasing two anniversary beers!
Saison Juice – a farmhouse brewed with Riesling Juice
4.20 Juice Juice – A sticky and dank IPA with all your favorite aromatics (no cannabis added)

We have also been hoarding kegs of some super limited cellar beers for events like this! So you can be sure we’ll be bringing out the big guns.

VIP Perks
* Doors open an hour early for a 2-hour VIP Only Session from 11am-1pm.
*Special VIP only Sour Production/Brewery Production Facility tours
These areas are not normally open to the public, but we have decided to open them up for our VIP ticket holders as a special thank you. Tours are available on a first come first serve basis once onsite. Space is limited to 100 people over 4 tours starting at 11:30am. Sign up sheet will be available onsite to reserve your spot the day of the event. Stay tuned to the
Facebook event page for more details.
*Priority access to limited beers and beer cocktails
*1 bottle each of Saison Juice and 4.20 Juice Juice
*Five tasters and two full pours
*Avoid the crowds and lines and spend some quality time with Porter and Laurie and the Smog City team!

Cost $65/per person