Craft Beer Events in Los Angeles

State vs Beachwood Beer Bus at Matt Denny’s & 38 Degrees Monrovia

Event Alert: June 25th Matt Dennys and 38 Degrees Monrovia are coming together to put on a special event for you guys! Each restaurant will have two of State Brewing beers on tap as well as two Beachwood Brewing beers! You will start at either one of these restaurants (based on where you buy your ticket) You will get 5 (5oz) samples at the first place as well as some appetizers then a bus will take you to the next restaurant and you will get another 5 (5oz) samples and more appetizers! When you are finished the bus will bring you back to where you started and you will have to vote on which place had the better beer! Each place will pick one beer that you will vote on! You also get a T-shirt! So pick a place and sign up today for 65$!