Craft Beer Events in Los Angeles

The Meltdown Day One: Power Plant Release at El Segundo Brewing Co

Once a year, our brewers brew a beer so powerful, it overloads the core fermenters and causes a hop reaction of atomic proportions. The material it produces is a triple IPA worthy of the name POWER PLANT. We call this annual event The Meltdown…and it’s a beautiful thing.

Also produced for this release are three byproducts-
NUCLEAR Power Plant, which is an Ultra hopped version of Power Plant
Spark Plug, a run off small beer
Radioactive Fallout, a hazy…cause why not!

You can buy your crowlers of Nuclear Power Plant and Radioactive Fallout here-

And with all this beer, you’re going to need nourishment, so we’ve got Billionaire Burger Boyz coming and they’re making a Power Plant Burger!

If you can’t make it to THE MELTDOWN in the taproom, Power Plant will be available at 20 other locations throughout Southern California