Craft Beer Events in Los Angeles

Tiki Bambanooza at The Bamboo Club

Tiki-themed beer party at The Bamboo Club!


Alvarado Street
Mai Tai PA

Trader Jules
Ale w/ Apricots, Fresh Lemon Zest & Coconut

Brouwerij West
Painkiller Falling Water
Falling Water IPA w/ Coconut, Orange & Nutmeg

Casa Agria
Morning Doves
Oak Aged Saison w/ Peaches & Oranges
Paloma Cocktail Inspired Saison

Cellador Ales
Nectarine Tree Punch
Nectarine Sour Infused w/ Coconut & Nutmeg Infused w/ Whiskey Barrel Aged Sour Beer and Orange Juice

Eagle Rock Brewery

New Fannypack
Hazy Coconut IPA w/ Blue Curaçao Syrup & Pineapple Juice, 7% ABV

Overnight Celebrity
Berliner Weisse w/ Passionfruit, Fresh Pineapple, Orange Zest, Vanilla & Honey, 3.29% ABV