Craft Beer Events in Los Angeles

Wild Beer Pairing w/ Head Brewer Phil McDaniel at King Harbor

Wild Beer Pairing w / head brewer Phil McDaniel
Saturday Aug 17th 4-6pm @ The Brewery

Head brewer Phil McDaniel will take you down a voyage of this incredibly unique style. What contributes sourness? Where’s all that funk come from? Why is “horse blanket” actually a delicious description? You can also pick Phil’s brain about your home brew wilds, his experience as The Bruery lead brewer, and that time he got lost on a bike ride in Munich.

The event will include:
-General overview of wild beers, Brettanomyces,
and other flavor contributors.
-Specific info on each of our three wild releases
plus the next release – Cerveza Bruja
-Cheese Pairings w/ Ride the Wild, Radberry Wild, & Grand Cru
(6oz pours w/ 1oz of a paired cheese from The Cultered Slice)
-1 bottle of each to take home – Ride The Wild and Grand Cru
-Pre-release tasting – Cerveza Bruja, a wild amber lager w/ vanilla bean