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The Best Hazy IPA Breweries in Los Angeles

The Best Hazy IPA Breweries in Los Angeles

Your Guide to Finding the Best NE-Style IPAs in LA

Best Hazy IPA Breweries in Los Angeles

Last Updated: August 13th 2019 By Gary Magnone

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If you’re a craft beer drinker in Los Angeles, you’re already very familiar with the West Coast IPA. But over the last couple years, a new style of IPA has descended upon LA – the Hazy IPA.

In case you’re not familiar, Hazy IPAs, or New England IPAs, are a style of IPA that started out on the East Coast in the mid-2000s and are typically characterized as low bitterness, fruit-forward, juicy tasting hoppy beers that look, well, hazy.

To put it simply, that sweeter taste and turbid appearance is typically achieved by late hop additions as well as not filtering out malt proteins, hop particulates, and suspended yeast. And when done right, the combination results in a bright, hop-forward juice component and a softer, full-bodied mouthfeel that is unlike any other beer style out there.

The haze craze in Los Angeles started in April 2016 with a collaboration Hazy IPA between Monkish in Torrance and Other Half from New York, and just snowballed from there.

Today, more and more breweries are dabbling in the style, but there’s only a handful that really pull it off well. Here’s your guide to the best Hazy IPA breweries in Los Angeles.

Monkish Hazy IPA

Monkish Brewing Co.


20311 South Western Avenue, Torrance, CA 90501

As mentioned above, Monkish Brewing led the NE-style Hazy IPA charge in LA, and helped put California on the map for this style. Henry Nguyen and his brewing team’s rotating series of can releases bring people out in droves, selling out within a couple hours and serving as trophies for people’s Instagram accounts. If you miss a can release, you’ll also find more than enough hazy IPAs on tap in their tasting room, alongside some of the best barrel-aged Saisons and mixed fermentation sours you’ll find in LA. But heads up, this place gets packed. Plan accordingly.

Mumford Brewing

Downtown LA

416 Boyd St, Los Angeles, CA 90013

Located at the cross section of Skid Row, Little Tokyo, and the Arts District in DTLA, Mumford Brewing opened in 2015 and jumped into the haze game shortly thereafter. They quickly made a name for themselves in the local beer community, with head brewer Peter Mumford experimenting with his own twists on the NE-style, dropping collabs with other breweries around the country, and releasing cans on an almost weekly basis. Keep an eye out for their beers on draft and in cans around town, but your best bet is the tasting room where they’ll have more than enough pouring for you to enjoy.

Highland Park Hazy IPA

Highland Park Brewery Chinatown

Downtown LA

1220 N Spring St, 90012, Los Angeles, CA, US

Sitting on the DTLA outskirts in Chinatown is Highland Park Brewery, arguably one of the best breweries on the West Coast. Yes, they brew up some delicious NE-style IPAs on a regular basis, but by no means are they a one hit wonder. In addition to Hazy IPAs, head brewer Bob Kuntz and his brewing team are known for their award-winning West Coast IPAs along with a fantastic lineup of Pilsners, Stouts, Saisons, mixed fermentation wild ales, and more. You can find a nice selection of their beer on tap at their original Highland Park location at The Hermosillo, but you’ll want to make it a point to swing by their newer Chinatown location where they release West Coast and Hazy IPAs in cans at least once a month.

Modern Times DTLA Dankness Dojo Hazy IPA

Modern Times DTLA Dankness Dojo

Downtown LA

832 S Olive St Los Angeles, California 90014

With a brand new pilot R&D brewhouse and an awesome new cafe and tasting room in DTLA, Modern Times continues their barrage upon our palates with delicious beer upon delicious beer. In addition to getting kegs from their SD and Portland locations that don’t make it anywhere else in LA, MT is putting out some LA-brewed Hazy IPAs that rival anyone else’s in town. On any particular day, you’ll have several NE-style hoppy beers to choose from, with the chance to try some early recipes before they get brought down to San Diego for scaled-up production and wider release to the public.

Indie Brewing Co Hazy IPA

Indie Brewing Company

Downtown LA

2350 Sunrise Street, C-100, 90023, Los Angeles, CA, US

Across the Los Angeles River in Boyle Heights, just a few minutes from Downtown LA, lies Indie Brewing Company. Their head brewer James hails from the East Coast, so the hazy brewing talent must be in his genes. Indie’s take on Hazy IPAs is probably the most approachable of the bunch, not going too heavy in any one direction, giving you a nice balance of juicy taste and aroma, soft mouthfeel, and the slightest hint of bitterness just to let you know you’re still consuming hops. They typically have a Hazy IPA can release every month or two and their cans do make it out to some of the more respected bottle shops around town, so make it a point to pick up their next drop.

Los Angeles Ale Works Hazy IPA

Los Angeles Ale Works


12918 Cerise Ave, 90250, Hawthorne, CA, US

Los Angeles Ale Works comes from a group of homebrewers who, if you knew them before they opened, seemed like the least likely brewery to put out the trendiest of beer styles. But, since dabbling with Hazy IPAs after their opening in 2017, have gone on to really master the style. Meseeks Joose is probably their most popular Hazy IPA, but they’re on a roll of one-off hazy releases right now. Keep your eyes out for their can releases which happen every few weeks out of their Hawthorne tasting room or in distribution at select bottle shops around town.

State Brewing Co Hazy IPA

Homage Brewing


281 S Thomas St #101, 91766, Pomona, CA, US

State Brewing has been open for a few years now, but it wasn’t until Robert Sanchez took the reins in early 2017 that the beers really started to hit their stride. Now with Rob Scott manning the brew deck, State is doing great work across all styles, they’re really shining with their versatile takes on the Hazy IPA. From a hybrid West Coast/East Coast hazy like Bright Shiny Object, to Family Julius, a Hazy IPA brewed with orange zest, vanilla, and lactose, there’s bound to one you gravitate towards. Formerly draft only, State began some limited canning runs earlier this year. Your best bet is to hit up their Gardena tasting room or look out for them on draft at beer bars in LA that know what’s up.

Brouwerij West Hazy IPA

Brouwerij West

San Pedro

110 E 22nd St, 90731, San Pedro, CA, US

With an original focus on Belgian-style beers during their gypsy brewing days, Brouwerij West has settled into their San Pedro WWII-era warehouse home and is putting out some amazing takes on a bunch of different styles. And one of those styles that they’re excelling at? Hazy IPAs, of course. And while most brewers put the majority of the attention on the hops, owner Brian Mercer and head brewer Rian Van Nordheim also shine a spotlight on their malt bills, typically sourcing small batch estate grade malts that give the beers the flavor, foundation, and body that makes their Hazy IPAs so good. We highly recommend making their tasting room a weekend destination for your beer drinking needs. But if you can’t get there, look out for their cans at bottle shops around town, their can labels are works of art in and of themselves.

Arrow Lodge Hazy IPA

Arrow Lodge Brewing


720 E Arrow Hwy C, 91722, Covina, CA, US

Just 20 miles east of DTLA in Covina, the haze continues at Arrow Lodge Brewing, where they’re putting out a lot of different beers that are getting LA to take notice. The youngest brewery on this list, Arrow Lodge and head brewer, Amy Heller, are incredibly adept at both West Coast and North East IPA style. They’ll almost always have a Hazy IPA on tap in their tasting room and they’re releasing cans every couple of weeks. Add to that, the fun branding around the beers, the awesome design of their tasting room, Arrow Lodge has quickly shot up our list of Best Breweries in Los Angeles.

But there’s more!

With more and more breweries stepping up to try their hand at the Hazy IPA style, this list will grow over time. Here are some other breweries that are currently putting out some great Hazy IPAs in and around Los Angeles:

Beachwood (Long Beach)
Casa Agria (Oxnard)
Claremont Craft Ales (Claremont)
Eagle Rock Brewery (Glassell Park)
El Segundo Brewing (El Segundo)
Green Cheek (Orange)
Local Craft Beer (Tehachapi)
MadeWest (Ventura)
Sandbox (Montclair)
Unsung Brewing (Anaheim)
Ximix (Gardena)

But by no means are these the only breweries making Hazy IPAs in LA, so we encourage you to go out and try as many as you can. Have any more we need to add to the list? Shoot us a message and let us know!

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