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Beers of the Month: The 5 Best New LA Beers We Drank in June 2020

What a wild June! Coming into the month, breweries and beer bars were operating solely with to-go and delivery offerings and by the end of the month had begun the re-opening process for on-site consumption. Then, as quickly as it started, on-site drinking and dining was shut back down again. And while we’re bummed for our friends at the breweries who have had to work so hard to keep their businesses operating throughout the pandemic, we also support the collective causes to slow down the spread of this damn virus.

Not only that, but I slowed down my beer drinking considerably this month and Emily took a complete break for the month of June. Luckily, we have plenty of awesome people on the Hopped LA team who had no problem picking up the slack!

Without further ado, here are the best new LA beers we drank in June.


1. Brewjería Company’s Diosa De Oro with Passion Fruit

A derivative on their already stellar golden strong ale, Diosa De Oro. This version is made with the addition of passion fruit and transforms this beer from a semi-sweet and complex Belgian Strong to a refreshing, tart, and fruity “by the pool” beer. Aroma is all what you expect from a Belgian brew, with some melon and spice notes from the Belgian yeast. The classic Belgian flavor is present but quickly moves out of the way for a tart and fruity flavor that contrasts nicely with the traditional dry finish of a golden strong. Its smooth, juicy, has a well-balanced tartness, and it’s nearly crushable even at 8.5%. This glowing, bright amber, Frankenstein-esque mash up of a traditional brew meets craft beer experiment, is definitely one to trick the palette in the best way possible.
Sal Castrejon, Designer & Photographer


2. Enegren Brewing Co’s Rasenmäher-Bier

I had some of Enegren’s Rasenmäher-Bier which is a Crystal Wheat Lager. It’s dry-hopped with Mandarina Bavaria hops. I’ve been super into lagers this summer and have been trying different variants of it to mature my tasting palette. Overall I thought they knocked it out of the park, but it’s hard for me to really be disappointed with Enegren these days. This beer remains true to that crispy, light, lager style that is easy to get attached to during the warmer months. I felt like the wheat offered a slightly different bread-like aroma and supported the hops in a different way than a typical lager would. This is a crystal clear beer, but the hops shine through and make this an easy drinker for grilling, pool-side chilling, or as Enegren said, for mowing the lawn.
Chase Lancaster, Video Producer


3. Kings Brewing Company’s Juice on Juice

I’ve been waiting patiently for an opportunity to try something from the brothers behind King’s Brewing Company. This beer is BIG. Big on mouthfeel, big on flavor, and big on hops. This DDH Double IPA brings equal parts Mosaic, Galaxy, Idaho 7, Citra and Amarillo. Plenty of juicy hop goodness!! Stunning flavor profile that doesn’t overwhelm. But certainly excites! Complex, but delicate. Soft mouthfeel, medium body, and oh so juicy! Creamy, and almost dessert-like at the finish. What an outstanding brew!
Conrad Ytuarte, Audio Producer


4. Cervecería Mundial & Beer Thug Life’s Neustra Ciudad

My first time trying anything from Edgar, aka Beer Thug Life, and it did not disappoint. This is a solid and well-executed Hazy with a beautiful, bright yellow, orange juice color. Mosaic is the hop of choice for this juicy brew and it packs a well-rounded citrus punch, with notes of mango and some tangerine. It’s super smooth even at 7% and finishes with a nice bitterness and mild bite. It’s a 100% mosaic hop bomb with balance. It’s everything you want in a Hazy IPA and everything you expect from a double dry-hopped IPA. A very solid brew and I’m glad I’m here for it! – Sal


5. Paperback Brewing Co’s WTF!?! IPA

The newest brewery to hit the LA beer scene is Paperback Brewing in Glendale and they’re making their debut with a can release featuring their West Coast IPA, WTF!?! IPA. Technically this is being released July 3rd BUT I got my first taste of this beer out of the brite tank on June 30th, so IT COUNTS OK? Normally with a new brewery, I set my expectations for their beer pretty low, so when I tried this fresh West Coast IPA, I was blown away by how great it was. WTF?!? drank light, bright, and crisp with moderate levels of bitterness leveled out by just enough orange citrus sweetness. For being the very first beer from a brand new brewery, this beer went above and beyond and set a new level for my first-taste expectations. 4-pack cans are being released this weekend, so hit up Paperback and grab some!
Gary Magnone, Hopped LA Founder


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