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Beers of the Month: The 5 Best New LA Beers We Drank in September 2020

It’s October. We made it. It’s officially the fall season, but honestly, it doesn’t feel much different from summer with sunny skies and temperatures ranging from 80-100 degrees, depending on where you’re reading this in Los Angeles.

Either way, the local beers keep coming on strong with the regular rotation of West Coast and Hazy IPAs along with more seasonal options like Oktoberfest beers. The Hopped LA team was busy this month and we had a ton of contenders this month, but we did the hard work and whittled it down to our Top 5. Here they are.


1. Indie Brewing Company’s Wave

This fresh West Coast IPA from Indie came at the perfect time, giving me a break from the haze and getting me back to an old familiar taste. The more I have it, the more I love it. It’s smooth and hoppy, just like you want in a West Coast, yet it finishes with less bitterness than usual, leaving you refreshed. Defo recommend.
Ryan Cassidy, Designer


2. Topa Topa Brewing Company’s Get By

Ok, this one’s technically not from Los Angeles, but this citrus Hazy IPA from Topa Topa was THAT GOOD and what the hell, they’re close enough. From the moment you crack this can, the aromas take you to a fresh produce stand at a farmers market. The juicy citrus of Eureka Lemons, Valencia Oranges, and grapefruit give this beer a taste like it was picked off a tree at the peak of freshness. A must-try for any hazy fan.
Sahand Fotovat, Content Contributor


3. Common Space Brewing’s That’s a Bingo! (collab w/ Figueroa Mountain)

We’re just getting into my favorite beer season when more malty lagers come out to play. I learned of Common Space very recently and between the Black Lives Matter Citra IPA and Juicy! IPA, I quickly found myself in absolute fangirldom. In their Oktoberfest Lager, That’s A Bingo!, I found a nice reprieve from too many weeks of IPA drinking. Caramel and graham cracker maltiness, Magnum hop bitterness, smooth mouthfeel and a beautiful golden-orange hue create a most drinkable experience. I can’t wait to revisit this beer, but served in a glass boot and alongside a soft pretzel and some spaetzle! Prost!
Rose Cranna, Content Contributor


4. Mumford Brewing’s Box Logo #10

Box Logo is a recurring favorite at Mumford Brewing and for great reason. It’s one of the best examples of Mumford’s unique take on the NE-IPA style, one that’s unlike any other in Los Angeles and one of my personal favorites. The first think you notice about the tenth iteration of Box Logo is the epic 70s party shirt design. Upon cracking the can, you’re hit with aromas of orange, pineapple, and strawberry with notes of sticky pine. On the first sip, the fruit character carries through on the palate giving way to a subtle background dankness. Contrary to a lot of Hazy IPAs, it’s earthy and juicy but not sweet. It’s thick and creamy, but not chunky. Box Logo continues to carry on the legacy of the iterations before it and sets a high benchmark for other NE-IPA producers in Los Angeles.
Gary Magnone, Hopped LA Founder


5. Monkish Brewing’s Babbleship

Over the summer I seem to have designated myself as the resident monkish fanatic here at Hopped LA. I have really enjoyed tasting more of their beer as the weeks of this pandemic have gone by! This was my very first time trying “Babbleship” from those crafty monks! First off, the can art is awesome. Somehow a cross between battleship… and the Ocarina of Time from TLOZ?! Pour is the expected light golden/straw color that seemed to illuminate just right in the light. Light head and lacing as you sip. The aroma is unmistakable in this beer. Really really inviting smell of juicy tropical fruit, stonefruit, and a slightly herbal dank smell that is begging for a sip. The Galaxy and Mosaic duo shine in the taste on this one. Super soft mouthfeel that helps balance some complex dank and citrusy flavors just right. I’m loving the balance between the peach and passion fruit flavors coming through with the dank hops! The creamy mouthfeel is almost creamsicle like! The finish leaves a bit of a hop bite but overall a very smooth brew. This 6th batch of “Babbleship” is one to look out for!
Conrad Ytuarte, Audio Producer & Content Contributor


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