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Now On Sale: 2016 Hopped LA Brewery Shirt


Our primary mission at Hopped LA has been largely focused on helping Angelenos discover where they can drink the amazing beers that our local breweries are putting out.

For us, it started with our own curiosity and desire to satiate cravings for really good craft beer in LA. As that happened, we developed a strong appreciation for not only the beer, but for the people making it.

So, our secondary mission was born to support our LA breweries by creating more awareness about their initiatives, their beer, and their story.

The 2015 design by Bird Bot Creative

With that said, we wanted to design something that #LAbeer enthusiasts would be proud to wear to their favorite breweries, beer bars, and beer events in Los Angeles. The result was a shirt that used each LA brewery’s name to make up the shape of a hop cone. Now, with over 50 breweries in LA, we set out to create a version for 2016.

We loved last year’s design by our friends at Bird Bot Creative, and wanted to get another artist’s take on a similar design. So, we linked up with our friend and designer Brian Castillo from Salt Collective to help us with the 2016 Hopped LA Brewery Shirt.

The 2016 Hopped LA Brewery Shirt designed by Salt Collective

This year, we wanted to make the brewery names much easier to read especially since there were many new breweries to add to the list. That was achieved by making each name outline the various sections of the hop cone.

This is also the quiet introduction of our new branding at Hopped LA featuring our updated color scheme and logo.


This is the ultimate shirt that represents your #LAbeer pride anywhere you go. And with a limited initial run, you don’t want to miss out on adding this to your repertoire.



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