The Best Hazy IPA Breweries in Los Angeles & Beyond

Your Guide to Finding the Best NE-Style IPAs in LA, OC, & Ventura

If you’re a craft beer drinker in Los Angeles, you’re already very familiar with the West Coast IPA. But over five years, a new style of IPA has descended upon LA – the Hazy IPA. Hazies are unlike any other beer style out there – sweet, juicy, and with an incredibly silky mouthfeel, and they’ve exploded in popularity since first debuting in Vermont in the early 2000s.

The haze craze hit Los Angeles in late 2015, when both Monkish and Mumford released their version of the NE-style IPA, and it just snowballed from there.

Today, more and more breweries are putting out their take on the Hazy IPA, but there’s only a handful that really pull it off well. Here’s your guide to the best Hazy IPA breweries in Los Angeles and beyond.

Monkish Brewing Co

As mentioned above, Monkish Brewing led the NE-style Hazy IPA charge in LA, and helped put California on the map for this style. Henry Nguyen and his brewing team’s rotating series of can releases bring people out in droves, oftentimes selling out within a day and serving as trophies for people’s Instagram accounts. If you miss a can release, you’ll also find more than enough hazy IPAs on tap in their tasting room, alongside some of the best barrel-aged Saisons and mixed fermentation sours you’ll find in LA. But heads up, even with their recently expanded outdoor space and upcoming Anaheim location, they tend to get pretty packed during peak drinking times. Plan accordingly.

Mumford Brewing Co

Located at the cross section of Skid Row, Little Tokyo, and the Arts District in DTLA, Mumford Brewing opened in 2015 and jumped into the haze game shortly thereafter. They quickly made a name for themselves in the local beer community, with head brewer Peter Mumford experimenting with his own twists on the NE-style, dropping collabs with other breweries around the country, and releasing cans on an almost weekly basis. Keep an eye out for their beers on draft and in cans around town, but your best bet is the tasting room where they’ll have more than enough pouring for you to enjoy.

Highland Park Brewery

Sitting on the DTLA outskirts in Chinatown is Highland Park Brewery, arguably one of the best breweries on the West Coast. Yes, they brew up some delicious NE-style IPAs on a regular basis, but by no means are they a one hit wonder. In addition to Hazy IPAs, head brewer Bob Kuntz and his brewing team are known for their award-winning West Coast IPAs along with a fantastic lineup of Pilsners, Stouts, Saisons, mixed fermentation wild ales, and more. You can find a nice selection of their beer on tap at their original Highland Park location at The Hermosillo, but you’ll want to make it a point to swing by their newer Chinatown location where they release West Coast and Hazy IPAs in cans at least once a month.

Modern Times DTLA Dankness Dojo

With a good sized pilot R&D brewhouse and an awesome cafe and tasting room in DTLA, Modern Times continues their barrage upon our palates with delicious beer upon delicious beer. In addition to getting kegs from their SD and Portland locations that don’t make it anywhere else in LA, MT is putting out some LA-brewed Hazy IPAs that rival anyone else’s in town. On any particular day, you’ll have several NE-style hoppy beers to choose from, with the chance to try some early recipes before they get brought down to San Diego for scaled-up production and wider release to the public.

Homage Brewing

Opened in 2016 by husband and wife team, Matthew and Lauren Garcia, Homage Brewing is known as one of the premier barrel-aged wild ale producers in Southern California. But their brewing prowess does not end there. They’ve also been early to the Haze train and have been putting out fantastic examples of the style on draft as well as the occasional can release out of their Downtown Pomona brewery. While it’s rare to see their beers anywhere outside of their taproom, a new, larger location in Chinatown opened up in mid-2020. And that is good news for everybody.

Homage Brewing


Homage Brewing


1219 N Main St, Los Angeles, CA 90012

Homage Brewing's Chinatown space is the brewery's second location and features a 15-barrel brewhouse...

Green Cheek Beer Co.

Green Cheek has a commitment to Haze that makes them one of the most prolific producers of the style in Southern California – on par with Monkish, which is really saying something. A full third of the beers that this Orange, CA-based brewery produces are Hazies. That experience shows in each and every beer Head Brewer Evan Price and his team make. Though rarely make the same beer twice, but whatever you order, you can count on it being well-balanced, heavily juicy, and silky smooth.

MadeWest Brewing Co

MadeWest, with two locations in Ventura, won’t get any points for creativity on their Hazy, which is called… “Hazy IPA.” But that doesn’t matter, because their flagship New England IPA is just straight-up fantastic. With a primarily Mosaic dry-hop, this beer tastes like putting a fluffy cloud of ripe tangerines in your mouth. MadeWest also makes an excellent line of limited release Hazies in their Short-Lived Series – on each one, they collab with a different local brewery like Mumford and Highland Park Brewery, producing some innovative and very fun brews.

Casa Agria Specialty Ales

Like Homage, Casa Agria is perhaps best known for their mixed fermentation sours. But that doesn’t mean they can’t make a juice-bomb with the best of them. Based up the 101 in Oxnard, Casa Agria made a few sporadic Hazies from when they opened in 2016 until 2018. But in 2019, they dove head-first into the New England game, making many excellent iterations of the style. Casa Agria has a very distinct brand of soft, multi-dimensional Hazies in every brew, and puts them on a level with the best in the state.

Radiant Beer Co.

The newest brewery on this guide, Radiant Beer Co. opened in Anaheim in January 2021. But their youth doesn’t mean they’re inexperienced; the team is run by a group of The Bruery alums, and nowhere is that knowledge more obvious than in their Hazies. The most impressive thing about Radiant’s selection is just how easy-drinking they are, considering how much juicy flavor they pack into every beer, from Gifted Dreams, their Nelson hop-showcasing single IPA, or the double dry-hopped It’s All Coming Back, which clocks in at a whopping 8.9 percent ABV.

Radiant Beer Co.


Radiant Beer Co.


1566 W Lincoln Ave, Anaheim, CA 92801

Anaheim’s Radiant Beer Co. released their first brew in January, and opened their taproom...

Firestone Walker's The Propagator

Firestone Walker’s Propagator brewery in Venice has really hit its stride recently. They have begun ramping up production at this satellite location, and are making the kinds of exciting, consistent, and high-quality beers I expect from one of California’s first craft breweries. Their Propagator Series, for example, is a line of Hazies that showcases a different hop that they use on the dry-hop with each batch. And there’s something to be said for the convenience of it – chances are, you can get this beer at your local Whole Foods.

What's Your Favorite Hazy IPA?

With more and more breweries stepping up to try their hand at the Hazy IPA style, this list will grow over time.

But by no means are these the only breweries making Hazy IPAs in LA, so we encourage you to go out and try as many as you can.

Have any more we need to add to the list? Shoot us a message and let us know!


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