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UNCANNED: Becoming More Real Hazy IPA by Radiant Beer Co

If there’s any beer style that any new brewery is forced to launch with, it’s a Hazy IPA. And while the “haze bro” style beer consumer now typically gravitates towards thick DDH double hazys and milkshake abominations, the rest of the beer world welcomes this single Hazy IPA with open arms.

Becoming More Real is a 6.6% Hazy IPA hopped with Citra, Mosaic & Cashmere, packaged up in yet another brilliantly colorful can from the crew at Radiant Beer Co in Anaheim, CA.

The beer pours a very attractive, bright pale orange with a silky white head, bursting with a really unique and intoxicating fruit bouquet consisting of ripe cantaloupe, zesty tangerine, and fresh honeydew melon.

On the taste we have a much more subtle experience, featuring a very well-balanced combination of bright grassiness, sweet tropical citrus fruit, and a little bit of bitter dankness rounding things out.

The body on this beer has a very refreshing lightness; it’s not thick and chunky like you find on some of these hazys these days. This keeps the beer from oversaturating the palate and makes it very easy to drink down.

Overall, this beer is incredibly well balanced with incredible aromas and, while it might not be as “big” as some hazy drinkers expect, it’s a solid Hazy IPA that delivers in every way that you want it to.

* This video was originally recorded as part of our Friday Night Live tasting show streamed every Friday night on Instagram Live. Tune in live this Friday at @hoppedla! *


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