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UNCANNED: Heavy Impulse English-Style Barleywine by Los Angeles Ale Works

Heavy Impulse is a 12.1% Bourbon Barrel-Aged English-Style Barleywine, released by Los Angeles Ale Works in February 2021 as one of three barrel-aged beer releases for their four-year anniversary. This beer is packed up in a neat 12 ounce can with a rad astronaut design courtesy of Brian Holter, the de facto barrel whisperer over at LA Ale Works.

Heavy Impulse pours a deep, dark brown and features an intoxicating aroma of chewy tootsie roll, vanilla, coconut, and sweet caramel apple. It drinks incredibly balanced, hiding all of its booziness in favor of rich dessert sweetness.

This is a beer that could really sneak up on you, and I think could use just a touch more alcoholic heat, but fans of true English-style Barleywine will find this beer right where it needs to be – sweet, roasty, complex, but balanced and incredibly drinkable for a 12.1% barrel-aged beer.

* This video was originally recorded as part of our Friday Night Live tasting show streamed every Friday night on Instagram Live. Tune in live this Friday at @hoppedla! *


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