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UNCANNED: How Are You Doing Hazy IPA by Moksa Brewing

Up next in our Hop Box brewery feature is How Are You Doing by Moksa Brewing in Rocklin, CA.

This 7% Hazy IPA is single-hopped with Strata & Citra and pours a very attractive bright hazy glowing yellow and bursts with aromas of peach ring candy and vanilla balanced by earthy melon keeping it from getting too sweet.

On the taste, you’re met immediately with a really nice medium body and soft mouthfeel bringing you into flavors of juicy peach, fresh grapefruit, and ripe cantaloupe. While it does have that Hazy IPA sweetness that you’ve come to expect, it’s balanced out perfectly by a touch of bitterness…just the way I like it.

Such a delicious beer from Moksa Brewing! Look out for their Hazy DIPA collab in our Hop Box available to order now!​.


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