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UNCANNED: Into the Stratas-Beer West Coast IPA by Long Beach Beer Lab

Up next in our Hop Box brewery feature is Into the Stratas-Beer by Long Beach Beer Lab in Long Beach, CA.

This 6.3% West Coast IPA is single-hopped with Strata and pours a mostly clear orange/peach gold with a nice head.

On the nose, you get aromas of sweet candy fruit, orange taffy, orange peel, fresh cut grass, and a hint of juicy apricot.

On the taste you get really big hop character featuring grapefruit and orange peel up front, a solid bitterness in the middle, and a nice strawberry and passionfruit sweetness on the back palate.

The pilsner malt bill drinks light, crisp, and dry and gets right out of the way to let that citrus, bitterness, and fruit shine bright.

Another delicious beer from Long Beach Beer Lab! Look out for their Acaí Blueberry Sour beer in our Hop Box available to order now!​.


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