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UNCANNED: Nuclear Power Plant Quadruple IPA by El Segundo Brewing Company

If you’ve taken down a couple of Power Plant TIPAs and are thinking “What’s next?”, then El Segundo Brewing has the answer for you.

Enter Nuclear Power Plant, their 13.2% Quadruple IPA hopped with Citra, Mosaic, Simcoe, Amarillo, and Nelson, released as part of El Segundo’s The Meltdown 2021. This super hopped, amped-up version of Power Plant is back for 2021 and was released in cans for the very first time as part of El Segundo’s Takeoff Series.

Where Power Plant drinks bone dry, super smooth, and leaving you wondering where all that ABV went, Nuclear Power Plant comes in hot with all of that sweet tropical citrus boozy glory. It’s a very fun beer, a slow sipper that reminds you that big hoppy beers can be delicious too.

Unfortunately, cans of Nuclear Power Plant sold out super quick, but keep your eyes peeled for next year’s release!


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