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UNCANNED: Parallel Path West Coast IPA by Radiant Beer Co

Parallel Path is a 7.2% West Coast IPA by Radiant Beer Co hopped with Simcoe, Mosaic, & farm-sourced Motueka from New Zealand.

On the pour, you get a brilliantly clear gold beer, a great looking IPA that the “West Coast IPA is Dead” crew would appreciate.

The aroma on this beer features notes of fresh citrus fruit combined with hints of coconut and bubblegum that come together to form a really nice nose.

On the taste, it stuns with incredible balance. You get fresh citrus, melon, and coconut upfront with a solid bitterness kicking in at the end propping it all up. It’s a great mix of flavors that make your tongue salivate and go back in for another sip.

The best part about Parallel Path is that it’s not a one-note flavor bomb and it doesn’t make you work really hard to figure it out. It’s just a really nice beer that is incredibly balanced and really really good.

* This video was originally recorded as part of our Friday Night Live tasting show streamed every Friday night on Instagram Live. Tune in live this Friday at @hoppedla! *


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