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UNCANNED: Radioactive Fallout Hazy IPA by El Segundo Brewing Co

A Hazy IPA from El Segundo Brewing Co?! Yep, Radioactive Fallout is a 6.5% Hazy IPA released as part of The Meltdown and is really the only true hazy that El Segundo puts out there.

For a brewery that doesn’t do much with that style, El Segundo pulled of a really nice Hazy IPA in true El Segundo style. It’s turbid and juicy but also a little bitter and dank on a lighter, thinner body than you see in typical hazy’s these days.

Galaxy hops bring in the dose of fruitiness these types of beers need, but it’s balanced out by some nice bitter dankness from Nelson and some grassy citrus from Centennial. It’s the extremely balanced type of Hazy IPA that Gary personally gravitates toward.

The liquid is packaged up in a can with one of the coolest, radioactive end of the world designs that we’ve ever seen. Get your hands on Radioactive Fallout before it’s gone until next year!


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