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This newsletter is literally my finger on the pulse of LA breweries.

Robert Young

The best way to keep up on the scene regarding craft beer and an easy way to support local small businesses. New release list email each week is the BEST email of the week!

Aaron Martinez

The Top 10 LA Beer Release list gives the best weekly recommendations on new local beers. Otherwise, I would have to do my own research and ain’t nobody got time for that!

Mike Rodriguez

Hopped LA keeps me truly connected with the heartbeat of craft beer and I'm thankful for their best beer releases every week. Hopped LA helps me help the businesses I want to thrive. The passion for beer connects us all, and they are a great connector to the pulse.

Aaron Larson

It's impossible to follow all the LA breweries on social media and sort through what's new. I much prefer to check Hopped LA once or twice a week, and see what new release might I fancy, or what event I might enjoy going to that weekend.

Joshua Redford

Hopped LA's newsletter is the best connection to what’s happening in the beer drinking community. 'Nuff said.

Patrice Walter
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