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About Hopped LA

Learn more about Hopped LA and what we're all about.

What is Hopped LA?

Hopped LA helps people discover craft beer in Los Angeles.

We create content, products, and experiences that give beer enthusiasts ways to better enjoy local independent craft beer.

Our creative team partners with beer brands to tell stories that connect with their target audience.

We're passionate about advocating for the growth of local craft beer, the way it connects people together, and the positive community that it creates.

What We Do

At Hopped LA, we bring our mission to life in three distinct ways:


The core of our service is content creation, where we highlight breaking news, curate the latest info, take you behind the scenes on our beer adventures, and showcase the stories behind our favorite beers and the breweries that produce them. View our latest stories.


We partner with independent craft beer brands that we believe in to create content that tells the stories behind their products in an authentic, consumer-centric way to connect more deeply with craft beer enthusiasts here in Los Angeles. Learn more about our programs.


From intimate beer tastings to curated beer boxes, our goal is to create experiential opportunities that allow people to interact with Los Angeles craft beer in unique and exciting ways. Check out our current experiences.

Our Team

Initially concepted as a membership-only email newsletter in 2013, Hopped LA launched as an Instagram account in April 2014. Since then, we’ve rolled out multiple versions of our website, merchandise, events, and creative services while growing our team to bring more unique and diverse voices into the fold.

Gary Magnone Profile Picture

Gary Magnone


Gary is the founder of Hopped LA and is responsible for day to day operations of the organization. When he’s not drinking beer, writing about beer, taking photos of beer, or talking about beer on camera, you can find Gary managing his digital marketing agency, brewing small batch specialty cold brew coffee, cooking, going to live music and comedy shows, and spending time with his wife, Caroline and dog, Blue.

Brett Keating Profile Picture

Brett Keating

Content Contributor

Brett is a writer who grew up in Massachusetts, but got his LA resident card after beating Jake Gyllenhaal at pub trivia. He enjoys oysters, running, and spontaneous fermentation sours. Brett lives in Silver Lake with an obese tabby and an ever-growing selection of pastry stouts.

Conrad Ytuarte Profile Picture

Conrad Ytuarte

Content Contributor

Producer that helps provide the secret sauce for Hopped LA’s projects. When I’m not busy with work you can find me out hiking, or enjoying a hockey game. My favorite beers: WC IPAs, Hazy IPAs, or Stouts. I love connecting with new people that share in the love of the Craft Beer Scene.

Javi Gonzalez Profile Picture

Javi Gonzalez

Content Contributor

Javi is the host of The Hop Show podcast here with Hopped LA and a brewer/janitor at Pacific Plate Brewing Company. He loves pro-wrestling, Packers, and all things LA. He dislikes milkshake IPAs and Portland, Oregon. The beer you're most likely to find him sipping on is Pizza Port's Chronic Amber Ale.

LA Beer Cats Profile Picture

LA Beer Cats

Content Contributor

LA Beer Cats is comprised of Cambria Findley-Grubb, Mark Smolyar, Kara, and Birmingham. Cambria is an OC native who spends her days speed reading fantasy novels, gabbing about digital marketing, and drinking beer. Mark is a Chicago native who loves writing about cats and beer, his work in education, and peanut MnM\'s. Kara and Birmy are #beercats who love The Bachelor, hunting their toys (and singing in the hallway at 4 am).

Ryan Cassidy Profile Picture

Ryan Cassidy

Creative Contributor

A bay area transplant who moved here in 2010 for design school and over the past year, including designing Hopped LA's 2020 brewers shirt, he has been carving his own space in the Los Angeles beer scene. When he's not drinking or designing he's probably riding his bike around LA or sewing something together.


I'm a craft beer fan who loves the thrill of discovery. By using Hopped LA as my guide, every weekend has become an adventure to discover a local independent brewery and pick up some cans of something I never tried before. The Hopped LA crew has great taste. Their blogs and tasting videos provide unpretentious enlightenment on our seemingly infinite local craft beer options.

Nate Easterling

Hopped LA is the most knowledgeable source of information about the LA County beer scene. If I want to see which places have just opened? Hopped LA’s got me. New releases? Hopped LA's got me. Happy hours on Instagram? Hopped LA's got me. They're great dudes who love beer and love LA, and I check their site all the time, because I, like Hopped LA, love me my LA beer.

Russell Hainline,

Hopped LA is innovative, fun, and really well executed. I've been super impressed with their work and can't wait to see what they come up with in the future!

Brian Jensen, Bottlecraft

I love passing on Hopped LA's news and new releases to our members; it’s the best way to stay updated on local brew happenings!

Carl Anderson, President of the Craft Beer Club at UCLA Anderson

When I first moved to LA I didn’t know anyone, so there was no one to grab a beer with. Following Hopped LA’s videos helped me feel a part of the community, and not only helped me discover the best beers in town, but helped me get out to all the best pockets of LA with a great spot to stop at while I was exploring. Never lived anywhere with such great beer guides!

Keagan Anderson

Hopped LA keeps me up on all the latest and greatest brews in the LA area. I honestly wouldn’t know what to drink if it wasn’t for them!

Ray Sims
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