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DOING GOOD: Frogtown Brewery Partners with Dead of Night Distillery to Produce Free Hand Sanitizer for Local Medical Centers

“Doing Good” is more than just a phrase, it’s a mindset that the beer community, and the world, needs now more than ever. In this brand new article series, we’re seeking out the charitable fundraising, the positive movements, and the communal giving back that’s going on in our local Los Angeles beer community.

This week, we’re tipping our caps to our friends at Frogtown Brewery, who recently partnered up with LA-based Dead of Night Distillery to produce much-needed antiseptic hand sanitizer to donate to local hospitals and medical centers.

The process of creating this sanitizer starts with brewing up high ABV wort at Frogtown Brewery.

Then, that finished wort is transferred into barrels and transported to Dead of Night’s distillery where they distill the wort down into high-proof alcohol, which can then be processed into medically usable hand sanitizer.

The finished product was then packaged into 2 gallon buckets and has been donated to LAC-USC Medical Center, Affiliated Home Health Services, and other local medical organizations around Los Angeles.

Thanks to both Frogtown Brewery and Dead of Night Distillery for your contributions during this time of need!

And please support both of these awesome organizations by purchasing their beer and spirits! You can order Frogtown’s beer for pickup or delivery.

And you can order bottles of Dead of Night’s gin and rum for local delivery.


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