The Best Craft Beer Bottle Shops in Los Angeles

Where to go to find the best selections of local craft beer cans, bottles, and more in LA.

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, craft beer cans and bottles have become the primary source for beer drinks in Los Angeles and beyond. And while we focus a lot of our efforts on promoting the individual breweries and buying their beers direct, there’s no replacement for browsing the isles of a great craft beer shop, picking up singles, 4-packs, and bombers of different styles from different breweries across the country.

And while a lot of grocery and liquor stores have stepped up their beer game in recent years, there is an elite tier of bottle shops in Los Angeles that are bringing in some of the freshest and rarest beers from the most in-demand breweries in the country. Here’s your guide to the best craft beer bottle shops in Los Angeles.

Blackbeard's Crafts

Blackbeard’s Crafts is a really cool pirate-themed craft beer and wine store located in the Sawtelle neighborhood of West LA just off the 405 freeway. It’s one of your best options on the Westside and the owner Shay brings in some great beers at great prices.

Check out what they’ve got in stock on their Instagram:

Bottlecraft Long Beach

Bottlecraft is a small SD-based chain of craft beer bars and bottle shops, with Long Beach being their northernmost location. While you can get some pretty incredible beers on tap (depending on the current status of COVID-19 regulations), they also have a small retail selection for you to grab cans and bottles to-go. Their SD roots get them access to some of the best breweries down south that you don’t see much in LA but their reach expands up into NorCal and nationwide, bringing in some pretty rare stuff.

Check out their latest stock on Instagram:

The Bottle Shoppe

The Bottle Shoppe in Sylmar is one of our favorites, quickly rising up the ranks of top beer retailers in Los Angeles. They’ve been one of the first to bring in some of the country’s most in-demand breweries, and continually rotate in fresh local, regional, and hard to find beers. They’ve got a nice clean shop and their staff in super helpful in getting you what you’re looking for.

Check out their latest stock on Instagram:

The Cellar Bottle Shop

The Cellar provides a craft beer mecca for the Uptown Whittier and Whittier-adjacent community with cooler upon cooler of bottles and cans of craft beer in addition to their 24-tap taproom. They’re getting in some breweries that you don’t see around LA (including some of the other spots on this list), so even if you’re not typically in the area, it could be worth a drive to check out at some point.

Check out their latest beers on their Instagram:

Craft Beer Kings

Craft Beer Kings in El Monte is one of two brick and mortar locations for the online beer retailer, bringing in some of the best craft beers both locally and nationwide. This family owned shop is run by Moe, who is plugged in to some of the best breweries in the world. There’s a reason they’ve exploded, not just here in Southern California, but across the country with their slick online presence and easy shipping options. But they always treat their locals right, bringing in stuff to their stores that doesn’t get much exposure online.

See what’s currently on the shelves on their Instagram:

Handy Market

Handy Market is like walking into a time machine, transporting you back into 1950s style small town Burbank neighborhood market shopping. But then when you reach the back corner where their beer inventory lives, you’re instantly updated to 2020, with a small but mighty selection of some of the best beers you can find in LA. They get access to a bunch of really good breweries nationwide too. This spot is a bit of a locals secret, but if you know, you know. And it’s good to know about Handy Market.

Check out their latest drops on Instagram:

Handy Market


Handy Market

Bottle Shop
2514 W Magnolia Blvd, Burbank, CA 91505
Handy Market is a cozy old school neighborhood market with a small but mighty...

The Heights Deli & Bottle Shop

The Heights Deli in Lincoln Heights combines the best of sandwich deli, pizzeria, craft beer bar, and bottle shop. Well, during normal times, that is. During this age of to-go only, their to-go beer selection shines with one of the best beer selections in LA, organized by style. For anyone in the Downtown LA / East LA region, this is one of the best spots for your craft beer needs.

See what’s in stock on their Instagram:

Hi-Lo Liquor Market

Hi-Lo sports two locations – one in Culver City and one in Long Beach. Both feature the same sleek modern decor with a killer beer selection, covering local, regional, and some rare out of town breweries that you just don’t see all too often. They’re one of the newer spots on the list, with Long Beach just opening within the last year, but their buyer knows what they’re doing.

See what’s in their coolers on their Instagram:

Hop Merchants Bottle Shop & Taproom

Hop Merchants is a Hopped LA team favorite, sporting a convenient North Hollywood location, a cool brick walled interior, awesome beer on tap (when it’s legal to do so), and several coolers filled with awesome bottles and cans to take home. Operated by a few craft beer loving buddies, they kicked things off a couple years ago with a solid selection and have continued to increase quality as time has gone on. These days, you’ll find their beer list among the best in Los Angeles, constantly rotating in fresh local, regional, and out of town options.

See what they’ve got for sale on Instagram:

Mission Wine & Spirits

For Valley die-hards, you’ll remember this spot in Woodland Hills as the infamous Green Jug. Now owned by Mission Wine & Spirits, the beer selection has only gotten better. Their buyer Nate just straight gives a shit about his beer and putting the best product out there. For anyone in the northwest edge of LA County, Mission is where you wanna do your beer buying.

See their latest beers on Instagram:

Select Beer Store

Select Beer Store in Redondo Beach is one of the OG’s on this list. Typically more of a taproom space, during COVID-19 they’ve relied on their bottle shop selection to provide their customers the same excellent beer options in to-go formats. Their owner Wes is well connected from years working in this industry and the beers they get are a reflection of that. When it comes to buying beer in the South Bay beach cities, Select is where it’s at.

See what’s fresh at Select on their Instagram:


Select Beer Store

Bottle shop and taproom in Redondo Beach, featuring American craft and imported beer.

Southland Beer

Southland Beer is another Hopped LA favorite with their small cozy taproom space and a killer to-go beer selection in Koreatown. We’ve been big fans since they opened things up, launching with a very small set of coolers sporting a very solid beer selection that has continually grown and gotten better and better over time. Nowadays, they’re weathering the COVID-19 regulation storm, but have mostly stayed open for to-go beers. Luckily, they haven’t slowed down on bringing in some of the best local, regional, and rare out of town breweries to their shelves. So definitely continue to support them throughout this time, but their real magic is in the taproom experience so hopefully that can come back sooner rather than later!

See what’s new on their Instagram:

Southland Beer


Southland Beer

740 S Western Ave #112, Los Angeles, CA 90005
Southland Beer is a small but mighty craft beer bottle shop and taproom located...

Stateside Crafts

Stateside Crafts in Long Beach is the only spot on this list that I haven’t personally stepped foot in, but I have heard enough praise for this small independent taproom and bottle shop that it has to be included here. Just browse their Instagram and you’ll see some of the most sought-after breweries that are on your list right their in their shop, ready for you to pick up.

I’ll make it easy. Here’s the link. Thank me later.

Stateside Crafts


Stateside Crafts

4242 Atlantic Ave, Long Beach, CA 90807
Stateside Crafts is an American craft beer bottle shop, specialty foods market, and tasting...

Sunset Beer Company

Sunset Beer Company is an LA Beer OG, holding down the craft beer game in the central/east part of LA on Sunset Blvd in Echo Park. Because of their deep history and relationships in the beer game, you’re gonna find some awesome rare breweries that you really don’t see much. And once the world comes back to normal (what is that even?!), their cozy taproom is the perfect post-Dodgers game spot.

See their latest selection on Instagram:


Sunset Beer Company

This low-key hangout has craft beers on tap, plus a selection of hundreds of...

Valley Beverage Company

Valley Beverage Company’s name says it all. The exterior aesthetic proves that they’ve been in this game since the mid-century, then when you walk in and peruse the beer aisle, you’ll see all the breweries that you want, and a lot that you didn’t expect. Every time I’m there, I’m able to get my hands on a fresh new hype release as well as beers from an out of state brewery that I’ve always wanted to try but never seen in LA. Their buyer Danny has got you covered if you have questions or special requests because the dude is just on top of his game.

Check out their latest beers on Instagram:


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